Sustainable cooperatives

The UN says that a cooperative is the most sustainable business model. The reason is that companies who operate as cooperatives usually have many owners, and their intent is to be of benefit to its owners. We have been operating as a cooperative since 1905, and we are owned by our 1432 members who are also our customers and clients.

Our clients can safely concentrate on their core activities. Kredinor is also available on all channels and can guarantee a good dialogue and the best solutions for their customers until the money is in our clients’ accounts. This fulfils our vision of contributing to healthy financial conditions in the business community.

As a cooperative, Kredinor works to create values that ensure profitability, secure employment, and good local communities in areas where our nine offices are located.

Network – Cooperatives and Activities

We are active in various networks, including our participation in the forums of the interest group, Samvirkene, for sustainable cooperatives.

Samvirkene is an interest group for Norwegian cooperatives. We represent 2.8 million members and 94,000 employees and have a turnover of NOK 250 billion. Leading actors such as TINE, Coop and Felleskjøpet are among the companies participating in this network. According to Ipsos 2020, these are some of the companies with the best reputations in Norway. Together, we will find solutions for improvement and make more conscious choices for sustainability.

We are also members of Virke Inkasso and are active members of the board that sets the terms of the organisation. Virke Inkasso is part of the main organisation, Virke, which organises members from the entire trade and service industry. Here, we have the opportunity to enter into strategic partnerships with a focus on sustainability.

The common denominator for all sustainability work can be summarised as follows: Everyone can do a little. Together we can do a lot. Edda Flatlandsmo.

Edda Flatlandsmo

Head of Sustainability at Kredinor


Edda Flatlandsmo is in charge of the sustainability work at Kredinor. She works with everything from smaller day-to-day steps to more extensive measures and larger structural investments, all associated with sustainable development at Kredinor.