Personal finances

Smartbetaler – teaches youth about personal finances

Our vision is to help ensure healthy financial conditions in the business community. We want to help prevent payment problems and debt collection by teaching young people more about personal finances. We offer instruction for upper secondary school students through the use of our learning concept, Smartbetaler. Our primary goal is to help young people become more conscious of their consumption, manage their personal finances, and achieve a good financial situation as adults.

As a debt collection company, it is both natural and essential for us to use our knowledge to help young people, partly because schools offer little instruction on this topic. Payment problems and debt collection have increased among young people, and we have seen, all too often, that such problems could have been avoided had they learned a little more about this in school. Neither society nor the young people themselves are served by starting their adult lives with serious financial problems.

The intent of Smartbetaler to raise young people's awareness of their own finances. It teaches good payment habits and how to become smart consumers, which will help them achieve a balanced financial situation and avoid debt collection. (School Menu) – instruction in personal finances from 55 different actors

Kredinor is the only debt collection company involved in the national network (School Menu), operated Finance Norway. Skolemeny is a network with members from 55 different companies and other actors that offer free instruction in personal finances for primary and lower secondary schools in Norway. This network was established in 2015, in response to a mandate by the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion.


The purpose of is to have a shared website where teachers can find a broad range of services for teaching personal finances to children, adolescents, and young adults. This network meets a couple of times a year to share experiences from their perspectives and discuss potential communication methods for raising awareness of these services in the schools. Smartbetaler from Kredinor is offered through


Skolemeny offers free instruction on personal finances to primary and lower secondary schools throughout Norway, and 55 companies and other actors are engaged in this network

Instruction on debt collection

Since 1905, Kredinor has accepted social responsibility through a broad range of services for its clients, including instruction on professional debt collection. By increasing competence in topics such as credit, payment follow-up and debt collection, we can establish a good foundation for healthy financial conditions in the business community – and for a more functional social economy. We also offer extensive advisory services for end customers to help them gain an overview and better control of their finances. This will help free them from debt collection and facilitate life skills and a good social economy.