Kredinor has Eco-Lighthouse certification in five of its branches and takes responsibility for the external environment. Efforts are underway to certify the remaining branches. All business activities at Kredinor are conducted in rented offices, and IT equipment that is no longer in use is delivered to a company for destruction. Our offices in Oslo, where most of our employees work, are energy and environmentally friendly. The Oslo office uses energy-saving lighting, and the building has electric vehicle charging points. There is also a small bicycle “workshop” and opportunities to rent electric bicycles. We have established a management tool for all energy consumption, and all waste is sorted. Kredinor is a certified Eco-Lighthouse in Oslo, Fredrikstad and Kristiansand.

Kredinor has been a proud Eco-Lighthouse since 2015. The Eco-Lighthouse is a national scheme for environmental certification. The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation was established in 2003. It assists businesses in making a successful green transition. It also helps businesses achieve several of the UN Sustainability Goals. As an Eco-Lighthouse, we will work to achieve environmental improvements in the areas of energy consumption, purchases, transportation, working environment and waste management. This includes food waste and plastic. Kredinor submits annual environmental reports.

All Kredinor business activities are conducted in rented offices. IT equipment that is no longer used is delivered to a company for destruction. Our offices in Oslo are energy and environmentally friendly and have established management tools for energy consumption to minimise the use of paper and ensure that all waste is sorted. Kredinor is a certified Eco-Lighthouse in Oslo, Fredrikstad and Kristiansand. The other branches will be certified shortly.


Kredinor's offices are centrally located, with a short distance to hubs for employees who commute by public transport.

Headquarters in Oslo

Our headquarters are centrally located on Rådhusgata in Oslo. We rent the building from Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom. Our employees have access to changing rooms with showers, a gym, and a modern cafeteria with a sunny outdoor seating area. There is a separate bicycle station in our garage facility and the opportunity to rent an electric bicycle during work hours. Good waste sorting has been given high priority, and all floors are equipped with several environmental stations for efficient waste management.

For cleaning services, we use the reputable company TOMA, which is one of Norway’s leading facility management companies. Sustainability is a key part of TOMA’s operations and strategic work. They have clear guidelines and use dry methods and appropriate equipment to minimise their use of chemicals and water in their cleaning services. TOMA has also been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and its goal is to reduce its use of chemicals by 10% each year from 2021 to 2023.

In 2020, we decided to renew our rental contract with Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom. In this context, a decision was made to refurbish the offices. Sustainability has been our focus at all levels, with respect to a good working environment for our employees, easy access to waste sorting, reuse of old furniture, and a dishwasher on each floor, which reduces the use of disposable cups.

During the renovation of our offices in 2021, we focused on sustainability at all levels, which has given us modern and pleasant offices with added meaning.

Edda Flatlandsmo

Head of Sustainability at Kredinor


Edda Flatlandsmo is in charge of the sustainability work at Kredinor. She works with everything from smaller day-to-day steps to more extensive measures and larger structural investments, all associated with sustainable development at Kredinor.