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Received SMS for Kredinor? Is it real or is it a fraud attempt? Log in to "My page" or click "See your case status". If there is no case you can delete the SMS.

The Cooperative

Kredinor is organized as a business cooperative. As a client, you also become a co-owner. Membership of the cooperative gives you co-determination and the same right to vote at Kredinor’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the other members and owners. Kredinor provides professional payment follow-up and debt collection services to members of the cooperative, which gives them a common interest in the firm.

Membership and co-determination

Cooperative ownership is Kredinor’s major strength. Profits from the business are used to benefit membership, as well as develop new products and services that provide added value. One of these membership benefits is knowing that you can leave everything related to payment follow-up and debt collection in our professional hands. This frees up your time to work with aspects of your business related to innovation, further development and growth. At the same time, you can be assured that the money you are owed by customers will be paid.

All members of the Kredinor cooperative can be assured that we will follow up each case until payment is received from the customer.

Closer to your business and your customers

Most members and owners of Kredinor run commercial businesses. Kredinor helps create value through its network of 10 offices across Norway. In addition, Kredinor owns the companies Kredinor AB in Sweden and Kredinor A/S in Denmark. Outside Scandinavia, we collaborate with a robust international network, consisting of 21 partners in the European Collectors Association, ECA.

Our clients can safely concentrate on their core business. At the same time, they are guaranteed that Kredinor is available in all channels, maintaining a good dialogue with their customers until the money is paid.

What is a cooperative – Kredinor?

  • Common ownership by the members who are also customers and clients
  • The Annual General Meeting of co-owners is the highest decision-making authority
  • The AGM elects the board of directors, which selects the CEO
  • The CEO appoints the senior management team
  • The Cooperative Societies Act of 2007 regulates cooperatively owned businesses
  • Equal ownership – all members have one vote that counts equally at the AGM
  • Members pay a membership fee of NOK 2,000 per year
  • Paid-up members enjoy exclusive benefits, see below

Membership benefits

These are some added benefits available to members of Kredinor
Equal ownership - one vote at the AGM
Favorable commission charge on cases resolved by Kredinor
The members can influence the development of the company
Access to dividend as post-payment based on turnover
Access to courses and webinars free of charge
Access to Kredinor Online free of charge
Legal assistance through the online lawyer.
Newsletters and the customer magazine KredinorNytt (in Norwegian)

How to get dividends from Kredinor?

Dividends are paid on basis of Kredinor’s net profit in the previous year. Each member of the cooperative has an equal shareholding in Kredinor. The size of the dividend is calculated according to the company’s net turnover in Kredinor during the year.


Criteria for earning a dividend:

  • The membership fee of NOK 2,000 must be paid.
  • The member must have used solutions from Kredinor that provide turnover for the year.
  • The membership must not be terminated at the time of payment.
  • The member must have had a turnover in Kredinor that is large enough to give NOK 350 or more in dividends.


In the years the board has decided to pay a dividend, the qualifying net turnover has been set at NOK 15,200 or more.

Social responsibility through courses and training

With experience dating back to 1905, it is natural for us to take social responsibility by offering debt collection training. By increasing our clients’ expertise in areas such as credit, payment follow-up and debt collection, we lay a good foundation for healthy financial conditions in the business community – and a more well-functioning economy. Read more under our course calendar. Kredinor is also one of the driving forces in the Norwegian cooperative societies’ association, Samvirkene i Norge, with our own CEO as a board member.

Smart Payer – teaches young people about personal finance

We have chosen to engage in efforts to prevent payment problems among young people through the learning concept Smart Payer (Smartbetaler). The learning concept is offered to teachers and students in high school. The concept aims to help young people learn about finances and debt collection, in a positive and preventive way. We also want to emphasize the importance of good payment habits for the maintenance of healthy personal finances, by telling what can happen if the case goes to debt collection. Read more about this program on the website

Smart Payer will help young people avoid payment problems and debt collection, through increased awareness of their own finances and consumption.

Environmental lighthouse and social responsibility for the external environment

All our business takes place in rented premises. IT equipment that is no longer used is delivered to a licensed company for destruction. Our offices in Oslo are energy and environmentally friendly. Management tools have been established for energy consumption and all waste is sorted at source. Kredinor is a certified Environmental Lighthouse in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Sandefjord and Kristiansand.

People and the working environment

Kredinor has around 500 employees, with a large proportion in Oslo and about 130 at branch offices. Women make up 57 percent of the company’s overall workforce and 30 per cent of the senior management group. The proportion of women on the board of directors 56 per cent. Kredinor works to prevent discrimination. Measures include open recruitment processes, the Human Capital Index (HKI) surveys, employee interviews and non-discriminatory pay and working conditions.