Value platform and strategy

Measured by the number of cases we handle, Kredinor is Norway’s largest debt collection company. Our aim is to contribute to a well-functioning economy through our invoicing and debt collection solutions, and our portfolio purchases. We work to facilitate prompt payment by our clients’ customers and thereby help secure healthy financial conditions in the business community.

Vennlige og imøtekommende forretningsdamer

An important brand

We aim to be recognized for the important tasks we perform for Norwegian business and the Norwegian economy. Our success rests on putting people and solutions together to optimize payment follow-up, debt collection and the payment process. The same principles also apply to our operations elsewhere in the Nordic region through the subsidiary Kredinor AB in Sweden. By offering excellent customer care at all levels, we will continue to be an important and well-liked brand within our sphere of operation.

We provide excellent customer care at all levels. Our vision, our values, customer promises and ethical principles are the foundations on which our entire business rests.


We create healthy financial conditions in the business community

Our values

  • Committed
  • Respectful
  • Solution oriented
  • Professional
We will live up to our values ​​by being friendly and communicating in a clear and simple way that everyone can understand.

Our role

Our business is firmly rooted in good debt collection practice. We help ensure prompt payment and a healthy economy. To contribute to good payment habits among young people, we have developed the Smart Payer concept. This educational program can be used as a teaching aid for students in lower and upper secondary schools in Norway.

Our promises

  • High degree of payment
  • Good customer care
  • The best customized solutions
  • Increased profitability
  • The latest technological solutions


Our customer promises focus on delivering an exceptional case resolution rate. We aim to be the best for service and follow-up, and achieve a high rate of customer satisfaction among our clients’ customers. Furthermore, we are available in all channels, develop solutions that contribute to simplification – and are among the first to adopt the latest in technology.


Ethics and compliance with our values ​​form the basis of our entire business and characterize our attitudes, our behavior and our communications. Our fundamental principles are openness, integrity, confidentiality and professionalism at all levels.


We aim to be consistent and open in all communications and interactions with clients, customers, partners, media, authorities – and everyone else who is affected by our business. We must be predictable and orderly in all contexts and act in accordance with our strict privacy and confidentiality policy. There should never be any doubt about our integrity and probity, internally or externally.

We believe that everyone can experience payment problems in different phases of their lives. We will help to find solutions through an open dialogue and good follow-up.

Adaptable to large and small businesses

For us, all clients are important, whether they are large or small, or operate in the private or public sectors. At the same time, their customers are very important – we must always ensure that the end customer receives fair and considerate treatment. Our vision is the same as our mission when we started in 1905 – to work for healthy economic conditions in the business community.

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