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Kredinor is Norway’s largest debt collection company, with a range of solutions within invoicing services, payment follow-up and debt collection. We follow up unpaid claims in a professional, predictable and considerate way, through simple and user-friendly solutions – and good customer care.

Solutions for clients of all sizes

For us, all clients are important, regardless of their size, or whether they operate in the public or private sector. We are constantly evolving to ensure our solutions are at the forefront when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs. We approach the task of recovering our clients’ outstanding claims effectively, but with due care for individuals in a challenging situation. Our successful track record has led Kredinor to become Norway’s largest debt collection company measured by the number of cases handled, and the second largest by turnover.

Our ambition is to deliver the market's best solutions for payment follow-up, debt collection and customer service to our clients and their customers.

Norway’s largest customer database

Kredinor has an extensive database containing information about debtors. At the start of the client relationship, we carry out an analysis of your customer portfolio. Here we calculate the probability of getting customers to pay what they owe – and which measures contribute to the fastest possible payment.

In each case, we must balance the need to recover the amount owed against the consideration due to individuals in a challenging financial situation.

A customer-driven business

Kredinor is a cooperative business, owned by our members – who are also our clients. It is in the interests of our members, clients and owners that we follow up outstanding claims in a professional manner, right up until payment is made. All parties may be confident that we comply with all prevailing laws and regulations, and that our simple, efficient and customer-friendly solutions will enable them to receive payment from their customers as quickly as possible.

As a cooperative business, Kredinor's owners are active clients who demand results, not passive shareholders who expect dividends. That is why we can use our profits to invest in technology and solutions that meet our ambition to be the best.

At full speed towards the future

Since its inception in 1905, Kredinor’s vision has been to work for healthy economic conditions in Norway. Now, that vision also includes our operations in Sweden and Denmark. Our history underpins all new developments at the firm, and we make use of all lessons learned. But although we are keen to preserve what already works well, we are certainly not backward looking. Instead, we are a driving force in the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of payment follow-up, customer service and debt collection – to the delight of our clients and their customers.

We support our clients - whatever their size - by ensuring a good payment flow. We are big enough to handle the needs of large enterprises, and treat small ones with equal diligence and care.

Benefits of Kredinor

1. Good customer experience at all levels
2. Outstanding interaction with the client
3. Strong link between original requirements and the need for payment
4. Seamless transition from invoice follow-up to debt collection
5. High standard of regulatory compliance – good debt collection practices and data protection
6. Easy to become a customer and fast implementation

Easy to become a customer

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