My Page for debtors

To make it easier for you to get an overview of your situation and pay what you owe, everything related to your case is accessible from My Page. You can log in using BankID via, regardless place and time. If you have several claims against you, the solution allows you to see the whole picture, evaluate different solutions and take control.

Easier for the debtor

Kredinor strives continuously to offer the best solutions possible on My Page. The latest addition is a separate mailbox, where all letters and messages are collected. Here, you will find gets a clear overview of the claims against you and when they fall due. You can choose to pay the debt straight away or wait until later. Your updated status will be visible immediately after you make a payment. An additional advantage is that letters and messages won’t go astray.

Debtors give consent to receive letters and messages in their personal mailbox, and will be notified by SMS or e-mail when they receive a new communication.

On My page, you can:

  • See what you owe and to whom
  • Make payments and view your updated balance immediately (real time)
  • View and order a copy of the original invoice
  • Find everything related to the case in your personal mailbox
  • Ask for a deferral of the payment
  • Apply for an instalment plan, repayment agreement
  • Submit a complaint about the claim
  • Send a receipt for payment made
  • Get an overview of all cases – if there are several
  • Message us
  • Chat with us
  • View a proposed solution in the event of multiple claims
  • Submit a written power of attorney
  • Be sure you are in a safe environment that complies with the GDPR
"I can't think of any specific improvement points for the site, it is simply brilliant. I wish I had known about it earlier." My Page user.

Increase in My Page user count

Kredinor registered about 800,000 logins last year, up from 550,000 the year before. The most frequent users have an average of 3.7 debt collection cases. By offering a range of self-service solutions and facilitating a safe dialogue via chat and messaging, My Page has become a preferred channel for our debtors.


My Page meets all the requirements of the new privacy legislation, GDPR.

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