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Debt collection fees

Additional costs accrue if an unpaid bill is sent for debt collection. The size of the fees payable is determined by the Norwegian authorities. To reduce the financial burden on debtors, debt collection fees and charges were reduced as of 1 October 2020. This change followed an amendment to the Norwegian Debt Collection Act. The rates remain the same for 2021.


The Ministry of Justice and Public Security determines debt collection fees. The Ministry of Finance determines the level of interest and fees that can be added to the original invoice amount in the event of late payment. When following up on late payment, there are also set rules for payment deadlines that the debtor must comply with.

Fee schedule as of 1 October 2020 – also valid in 2021

  • The debt collection fee: NOK 700.
  • Reminder fee: NOK 35.
  • Debt collection notice: NOK 35.


See table of debt collection fees and charges.

Other fees:

  • Legal fee: NOK 1,199.
  • Interest on overdue payments: 8%
  • Standard compensation for recovery costs NOK 420

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