Kredinor signs deal with fintech company Axeptia

“The agreement we have now signed will be of considerable value to the companies that use the Axeptia solution,” says company CEO Per Nesto Warp (left). Audun Rønningen Danielsen, Commercial Director at Kredinor (right) agrees.

Axeptia’s software collects customer data from the accounting system, credit rating agency and debt collection company and presents it in one place. This provides a unique level of customer insight, good control of a company’s own customer data, and an excellent starting point for effective customer follow-up.

“Our clients need to simplify and automate the follow-up of their customers. This innovative credit management tool from Axeptia perfectly meets this need,” says Audun Rønningen Danielsen, Commercial Director at Kredinor.


Innovative data linkage

Axeptia’s technology collects customer data from the accounting system, credit rating agency and debt collection company, and presents it in one place. The combination of these different data sources in the same interface provides an exceptionally good overview of a company’s own customer portfolio, and therefore opportunities to improve customer follow-up.

“The credit area has traditionally involved a lot of manual work, which we wanted to do something about,” says Axeptia CEO Per Nestor Warp. Integrations that link together information from debt collection, ERP and credit history have generally only been possible through major consultant-driven projects available only to the largest enterprises. The market has responded enthusiastically to the solution we are now presenting, where everything is brought together and presented in one place,” says Warp.


More than a debt collection agency

Kredinor provides solutions in a steadily expanding portion of the value chain, and closely monitors developments in its clients’ needs.

“Developments in the areas of automation and simplification are happening fast, but challenges remain because systems cannot communicate with each other. Axeptia solves this challenge, and will reduce the need for manual processing,” says Kredinor’s Audun Rønningen Danielsen.

The solution links together the systems so that the people working in accounts have a complete overview from the moment an agreement is entered into and a credit assessment is performed through invoicing and payment follow-up until the money is in the bank.  If the customer does not pay, the solution contains a functional link to debt collection.


In Axeptia’s solution, customer data is collected from several sources and is presented neatly in a dashboard.

“For us at Axeptia, this partnership with Kredinor means a lot. Kredinor is one of Norway’s largest debt collection companies, with interesting clients and a strong professional environment in the fields of analysis and service development. We complement each other well,” says Per Nestor Warp.

Speaking on behalf of Kredinor, Audun Rønningen Danielsen says: “Our ambition is to be at the forefront of developments. To succeed, we need to work with equally ambitious partners. We are therefore extremely pleased to quickly be able to offer our clients Axeptia’s fully developed solution.”


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