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Welcome to kredinor.no

New customer service pages

We have brought together a selection of customer service solutions and offers improved search for easier access to FAQ. Our chat robot Nora is visible in a new design, and gives more and more precise information to a growing number of questions, thanks to good programming. If she reaches a point beyond her programmed capability, she interacts well with the human chat on My page during our opening hours. Our solutions for self-service, such as Pay now and Check status in your case is clear visible through timely menu buttons.


Multi language solution

The most important upgrade of kredinor.no is our English version of the web, making our solutions more accessible to those who do not speak Norwegian among our clients and end customers. The English web pages come up by clicking on the globe in the top right corner of the web page.

Kredinor launches new websites for the first time in English. We believe it will make our solutions easier accessible for our clients and end customers.

More than debt collection

The new kredinor.no has content that is aimed at a wider range of stakeholders. We have created a separate page about our committment to sustainability, we continue to tell our story from 1905 and onwards from now on, we present our values, clarify the important form of ownership we have through being a cooperative and publish ongoing news into the web and on our press pages . Our offerings within debt collection courses, seminars and e-learning are gathered in one place and available for registration among our members and customers. Last but not least, we have upgraded our pages about work at Kredinor, in accorance to our ambition of being the best place to work within our industry.

Through the new website, Kredinor wants to continue the work of simplification for customers, clients and others through increased availability of the market’s best solutions within customer service solutions, payment, payment follow-up and debt collection.

If you want help in following up unpaid claims, we have gathered some arguments for why Kredinor can be a good choice.


We hope the new kredinor.no will provide good customer experiences for you – and everyone else.

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