Received a claim from us?

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If you understand Norwegian, please log in to Min side using the case number and the PIN code stated on the letter you received from Kredinor.

Customer Service

If you have received a letter from Kredinor but do not speak Norwegian, please contact us for assistance in English or an other language. Contact Customer Service or read our FAQ below.

Customer service: 06900

E-mail (in Norwegian):

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8pm - 9 am. 
Saturday: 10 pm -15 am.
Sunday: Closed.


What is an “inkassovarsel”?
This is a warning of debt collection, and the invoice must be paid in full within the set time limit (betalingsfrist/forfall)

What is a “betalingsoppfordring”?
This is a notice of debt collection and claim for payment after a claim has been sent to debt collection. This must be paid within the set time limit.

How do I see what I owe and to whom?
“Fordringshaver” is the original creditor, who has sent you the invoice that is now defaulted.  You will find the invoice number and a brief description under “Beskrivelse”.

Please contact us immediately if you have questions or objections concerning the claim itself. Please state the case number (“Saksnummer” – in bold on the top right hand corner of the letter).



If you have received a claim from us, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss or to get an explanation from our customer service.
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