Seniorpoolen – utilising senior competence

Sustainability and inclusion: A diverse workforce

In 2023, Kredinor Sweden launched the initiative Seniorpoolen where retired individuals work part-time with us according to joint needs and wishes.

Ageism have socio-economic consequences because we are living longer and longer. Furthermore, the UN says that ageism is associated with poorer physical and mental health, reduced quality of life and greater economic insecurity. Therefore, Kredinor prioritises inclusion of senior competence.

We see great value in the experience and competence possessed by people who have an entire professional life behind them. Ageism creeps ever further down the ages, but the very fact that you can retire at the age of 65 is a problem. This is a group that is financially strong, has high digital competence and is socially active.

In addition, it is the fastest growing age group in the Western world and their point of view and competence is important for us.

Important competence

Anne is part of Seniorpoolen in Kredinor Sweden. She brings with her significant expertise and competence.