Kredinor is connected to the Norwegian Debt Collection Registry

In this picture we see two of the founders behind the Debt Collection Registry, Lene Drange (centre), and Hallgeir Kvadsheim (right). They are pleased with Kredinor’s integration to the registry. Together with the founders we see our CEO in Kredinor, Klaus-Anders Nysteen. 

– It is a good thing that Kredinor now is integrated with us, as the very first company. They are in the forefront of paving the way and showing societal responsibility. This API-integration, which other companies are also able to integrate with, is revolutionary and will enable customers a quick overview of everything related to debt collection. From now on information about debt collection cases and debt can be retrieved within seconds, not days, comments chairman of the board of the Debt Collection Registry, Hallgeir Kvadsheim.

Kredinor believes that a good and efficient debt collection register is important for the development of the entire debt collection industry. It is a societal responsibility to contribute with digital solutions advantaging the customers in a difficult economic situation.

– We wish to offer comprehensive solutions that centres on a customers complete economic situation, and not just a singular debt collection case. When the customers can access all their cases in one place there is a much better foundation for helping them with counselling and finding solutions, comments CEO of Kredinor, Klaus-anders Nysteen.

The Debt Collection Registry was made available for the public in June of 2022. Among the initiators we find economist and “Luxury trap”-experts Hallgeir Kvadsheim and Lene Drange, who has helped people get out of difficult economic situations for years.


– Whilst working on “Luxury trap” we noticed early on that the biggest difficulty for people was to retrieve a good overview of all the debt collection cases. The cases can be distributed over 80 different debt collection companies -and there is no central information system – like the Debt Registry for loans with no collateral. That is why the integration with Kredinor is so important, and now we wish for the rest of the debt collection companies to do the same, says Kvadsheim.


Kredinor believes the Debt Collection Registry to become an important aid for customers that has difficulties with their economy already this fall. The Debt Collection Registry will be developed together with the debt collection industry, the public, NAV – and the customers.

– As a debt collection company our most important task is to make it easier for customers and not add to the burden they have. With increased interest, inflation and (still) high electricity bills the private economy of many is challenged, creating an influx of debt collection claims in the following time. Therefore, we are very positive to the Debt Collection Registry, comments CEO of Kredinor, Klaus-Anders Nysteen.


Facts about the Debt Collection Registry:

  • The service Debt Collection Registry is open for private people
  • Debt collection claims spread over several debt collection companies makes it harder to get an overview of a difficult economic situation.
  • By logging in with BankID, all of the customers’ claims are collected to one place – free of charge.
  • The Debt Collection Registry does not collect the data, it only retrieves them when a person requests it.
  • Additionally, the Debt Collection Registry gives advice and objective information about debt management.
  • The register has already become an important tool for debt counsellors in NAV.
  • There is still some time before the full debt collection overview is complete.