Digital debt collection courses

For a number of years, Kredinor has invited to courses and seminars with debt collection content, as a part of the ambition to be a market leader within the field. With Kredinor competence web, we strengthen our services through a digital learning platform, developed for our clients, who now have access to a broad range of e-learning courses within debt collection.

Free of charge for customers and partners

Kredinor Competence Web is only in Norwegian in first version and available through log-in at Kredinor Online. All courses are created as e-learning through shorter theme-based modules. By spending half an hour once a week, all courses will be completed within two months. The solution can be used as a competence base too, by going back and look up the courses around given topics.

There are fast changes in our industry, and the content of our competence web will be news within our business, course activities and refreshment of debt collection knowledge, says Ingjerd Grenne Thurmer, marketing manager at Kredinor.

Kredinor competence web – four main areas

Debt collection expertise is very important for Kredinor, both internally and for customers and partners. Through Kredinor competence web, users get easier access to both new competence and refreshing of what they already know, within the following main areas:

  • Credit
  • The Debt Collection Process
  • Collection figures
  • Tools for clients: Video training, etc.
It is important for us to ensure a high level of expertise in debt collection. Firstly, the quality of customer follow-up is better, and secondly, we ensure healthy financial conditions in society, emphasizes Ingjerd Grenne Thurmer, in Kredinor.

High competence provides good customer experiences

Debt collection is thoroughly regulated by the authorities. The Debt Collection Act is clear that those who owe money must be followed up in a predictable and proper manner, in line with the law of good debt collection practice. In addition, the framework must take into account that the Norwegian business community need to get paid, also in those cases where the customer has payment problems, or is late with the payment for other reasons.

Ingjerd Grenne Thurmer forteller om nytten ved e-læring
Ingjerd Thurmer, Marketing Manager of Kredinor