Investor relations

Kredinor is Norway's leading debt collection agency. Our market share in Norway continues to be high, with a volume of 30 percent of the total outstanding debt collection mass and 15 percent of new cases for debt collection. The market share can also be measured by 22 percent of the collected funds (Finanstilsynet, 2023).

Kredinor will continue to be a market leader in the industry, and we will have the most satisfied clients. We are at the forefront of developing new digital solutions that make it easier for customers to pay and faster for clients to receive payment for goods or services.

Kredinor is a full-service debt collection company that offers services in two main categories, Credit Management Services (CMS) and Portfolio Investments (PI). Today we have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Our ambition is to become a leading debt collection company in the Nordics.

Kredinor is owned by SpareBank 1 Gruppen (68.64%) and Kredinorstiftelsen (31.36%), and is consolidated into SpareBank 1 Gruppen.

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