Payment solutions

Kredinor offers user-friendly payment solutions that make it easier to pay, no matter where you are in the payment process. Let’s Pay is a super simple solution for paying invoices and debt collection claims. Both solutions are fully digital. When the payment is approved, the balance is updated instantly for both our client and the debtor.

Payment and updated balance – in seconds

The payment solutions Let’s Pay and Pay Now from Kredinor make it easy to pay via an SMS link. Pay Now can also be used by selecting Pay Now at and My Page. The advantage for clients who use Let’s Pay, is that the case is transferred seamlessly to Pay Now if necessary. The advantage of Pay Now is that customers can pay debt collection claims quickly and easily. You also get an immediate balance update. If the full amount is paid, the case is closed. Services such as electricity and broadband connections, which may be discontinued if bills are not paid, can be reconnected in a minute when payment is made using Pay Now.

The advantage for clients who use Let's Pay, is that the case is transferred seamlessly to Pay Now if necessary.

Let’s Pay – paying invoices has never been easier

The Let’s Pay solution is marketed as a separate brand. The website will ensure that the link comes from a reliable sender. Everyone can use the solution from the time the invoice has been sent out. We already know that customers value ​​the simplicity of the solution, and the immediate confirmation they receive when the case is closed. As many as 40 percent click on the link when it is sent out. The solution itself is easily implemented for existing clients. No more than two weeks after agreeing to use Let’s Pay, the solution will be successfully integrated into the client’s system.


Pay by link

Let’s Pay is a fully digital solution that is sent with a link to the customer via SMS. By digitizing invoices, customers do not have to think about account numbers, CID numbers or the amount owed – payment is just a few clicks away. In the invoice link, we make sure the name of our client is visible. The customer can click on the link, then select payment via payment card or Vipps. Once the payment is completed, the payment status is updated on the logged-in pages. Both the customer and our client can therefore verify that the payment is completed within a few seconds.

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