Discontinuation and restoration of services

Unpaid bills could lead to services being cut off. By using Kredinor's Pay Now payment solution, you can prevent the service being discontinued. And by paying the full amount, restoration of your service will take only a few seconds. The Pay Now solution is used, among other things, to discontinue and restore broadband and electricity supply services.

Discontinuation of broadband services

Kredinor has developed a fully automatic process to discontinue and restore broadband services. Underneath, the solution’s workings are extremely complex, but for the user it is both simple and efficient. The solution has been developed around the payment solution Pay Now. A routine has been established, with deadlines and notices to customers who fail to pay. By defining events in your own system and with the client, a chain reaction is triggered when payment is not made. Similarly, an automated chain reaction is triggered when the payment is sent through Pay Now. Non-paying customers are notified via an SMS that the broadband service has been discontinued. At the same time, they are invited to pay via Pay Now to get the service restored. If the customer pays via the link in Pay Now, the broadband supply is restored in less than a minute.

Kredinor had developed a fully automated process to discontinue broadband services when bills are not paid and restore them in less than a minute after payment via the Pay Now payment solution has been approved. Rapid restoration of service has led to a high level of customer satisfaction.
In the event of continued non-payment, a disconnection notice will be sent via SMS. If the consumer pays what they owe, the power remains connected. If not, it is disconnected. Restoration of the power supply takes just a few minutes, once payment has been confirmed.

Restoring the power supply in a just few minutes

  • Disconnection notices are sent via an SMS containing the correct balance and payment information as well as a link to Pay Now, which provides fast and secure payment – and can stop the disconnection process from going any further.
  • If the claim is not paid after the disconnection notice has been received, the customer’s supply of electricity will be shut off via their smart meter.
  • As soon as the smart meter has shut off the supply of electricity, notice of this is sent via a new SMS. This SMS invites the customer to pay using the Pay Now link and get their electricity supply quickly restored.
  • If the customer chooses to pay directly via the Pay Now link in the SMS, a payment receipt is automatically sent to the power company.
  • Having received the automatic payment receipt, the power company initiates the restoration of the customer’s electricity supply.
  • The customer receives an SMS from the power company stating that the power has been restored – and a message to press a button in their fuse box, where their smart meter is located.
  • The customer goes to the fuse box and presses the button, and the power is turned on again.
As soon as the power is disconnected, an SMS inviting payment via Pay Now is sent to the customer. As soon as the customer has paid, the power company sends a new SMS, telling them that the power supply will come back on when they press a button in their own fuse box. All this happens in a few minutes.