Change of management at Kredinor

Rolf Eek-Johansen and Lisa S. Legallais-Hansen will temporarily lead Kredinor, Norway’s largest debt

collection agency. 

The board has asked the current CEO, Klaus-Anders Nysteen, to resign from his position and he has accepted this.

– The board wants Kredinor to maintain and strengthen its position as a market leader in debt servicing. We aim to ensure continued growth for the company within its core business, which is debt collection. At the same time, the board will make an evaluation of other income segments. As Kredinor now makes this change, the board believes it is appropriate to find a new leader to take Kredinor forward, says chairman Sverre Gjessing.

Rolf Eek-Johansen, former Investment Director at Kredinor, steps in as interim CEO, supported by Lisa S. Legallais-Hansen, the current COO, as Deputy CEO.

An interim CFO will also be appointed shortly, as former CEO Nysteen was responsible for the CFO function upon his departure.

For additional information, please contact:

Jon Berge, Head of Marketing and Communication. Tel.: +47 905 98 680.

Jon Berge

Communications director

+47 905 98 680