IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Scam text messages using Kredinor’s name

We have been informed that some people have received scam text messages that appear to have been sent by Kredinor. The messages included the link in the picture in this post. This is attempted fraud, and we have reported the matter to the police. However, we cannot rule out further attempted text message fraud until the persons who sent these messages are stopped. Here is one example of a text message that was sent.

The message is composed in a fashion that is typical for phishing messages. A low amount (NOK 19.12) and a short payment deadline (the same day as the text message was sent), which may pressure the recipient into clicking and paying without taking the time to examine it more closely. The message also states that you can avoid debt collection proceedings by making a payment, which is another factor that may pressure the recipient into paying quickly. The message shown here was sent on Friday evening (approx. 10 pm) – probably because it would be impossible to reach anyone at Kredinor during the weekend. Today, however, we have received inquiries from the recipients of these text messages at our customer centre and via our Chatbot Nora.

The text message links to a website where it appears that you can log in using BankID. Information concerning your telephone number, National ID number, as well as debit or credit card information is then requested. It would be very unfortunate if the requested information were to be sent to unauthorised parties, in this case scammers who have deliberately sent the text message to acquire this information.

Always examine suspicious text messages carefully.

It is essential that you examine suspicious text messages carefully. A suspicious text message may be a message such as this one, sent late in the evening, specifying a fairly low amount, pressuring you into paying. A text message would also be suspicious if you do not have any unpaid claims being handled by Kredinor or any other debt collection agency, as it would make no sense to receive a text message demanding payment. Anyone who has an open case at Kredinor can find it by logging in to Min Side using BankID, via If you have a claim with us, it can be found on Min Side, under the list of cases. This applies to everyone.