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Our cloud solution Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based portal with real-time updating

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based portal that gives users access to information about our services and resources in the fields of payment follow-up and debt collection. Through Microsoft Azure, Kredinor’s services are accessible via a modern interface, where communication takes place continuously and in real time. As a result the services become faster and more accessible, leading to less work for Kredinor’s clients and faster payment from the end customer.


Less manual work

As with our integration solutions, this cloud solution makes it easier for Kredinor to incorporate a new client into the system and give access to new functionality. Because all documentation is automatically created and stored in the system, the need for manual administration is reduced. This both simplifies the work and provides a faster start-up for each new solution our clients need.

Through Microsoft Azure, Kredinor's services are easily accessible via a modern interface, where communication takes place continuously and in real time.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure:

  • More easily accessible solutions
  • A safe and secure integration point – safeguards privacy
  • Access to faster answers to questions
  • Easier access to Kredinor’s products and services
  • Scaled according to need, size and current situation
  • Fast access to solutions facilitating further growth

Cloud solution that offers opportunities

Magnus Kolve er prosess- og leveranseansvarlig i Kredinor“Microsoft Azure is Kredinor’s recommended solution for invoicing and some debt collection services. The solution enables clients to connect their customer solution to Kredinor’s debt collection system. The client’s chat solution retrieves simple information from Kredinor, providing the end customer with the status of their own case and enabling them to pay invoices through the Pay Now solution. We know this will lead to a good customer experience, by making communication between the client, the end customer and Kredinor more efficient and facilitating payment,” says business developer Magnus Kolve at Kredinor.

The Microsoft Azure cloud solution gives you:

  • Faster service delivery and infinite scalability
  • Availability – always available, no downtime
  • Fast access to the solution – short implementation

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