Structural changes at Kredinor

“The sharp reduction in debt collection fees, ranging from 20 to 40 per cent, will have a significant impact on our revenues going forward. In addition, the pandemic has made us better payers, which in turn has led to fewer debt collection cases. This means that we must make some organisational changes to adapt our cost level to the reduced revenues these developments entail,” says Kredinor’s acting CEO Ole Marius Thorstensen.

The structural changes being made by Kredinor are an extension of the processes the company has implemented in recent years to simplify and optimise its service delivery in response to decreased revenues. Kredinor has also invested in technology development to enable it to continue providing the best and most effective follow-up for its clients and their customers until payment is made.

The changes involve the following:
• The offices in Fredrikstad and Porsgrunn will be centralised to Oslo.
• The offices in Tromsø, Trondheim and Stavanger will close.
• All SME customer follow-up will be centralised to Kristiansand.
• All public sector and parking-related follow-up will be centralised to Kristiansund.

The structural changes will entail the loss of around 20 jobs, while approximately the same number of positions will be relocated to Oslo.

“Several of the affected employees will be offered jobs in other parts of the Group, though some redundancies will be unavoidable. We will take good care of those who are made redundant and will help them move on as best we can. At the same time, these organisational changes are important to maintain today’s level of effectiveness and case resolution for our clients. In this way we will safeguard the company and jobs for the future,” says Thorstensen.


Ole Marius Thorstensen

Direktør Operasjonell Drift

Director of Operations