Values and strategy

Measured by the number of cases we handle, Kredinor is Norway's largest debt collection company. Our aim is to contribute to a well-functioning economy through our invoicing and debt collection solutions, and our portfolio purchases. We work to facilitate prompt payment by our clients' customers and thereby help secure healthy financial conditions in the business community.

We aim to be recognized for the important tasks we perform for Norwegian business and the Norwegian economy. Our success rests on putting people and solutions together to optimize payment follow-up, debt collection and the payment process.  By offering excellent customer care at all levels, we strive to be an important and well-liked brand in the Nordics.

We will live up to our values ​​by being friendly and communicating in a clear and simple way that everyone can understand.
We believe that everyone can experience payment problems in different phases of their lives. We will help to find solutions through an open dialogue and good follow-up.

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