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Kredinor is Norway’s biggest debt collection company, we offer modern solutions within invoicing and debt collection.

Our most important task is to follow up your customers in a profesional, predicable and respectful way. We do this through simple and user-friendly solutions – paired with the market’s best customer service. This contributes to quick payment and happy customers. 

Why Kredinor?

Do we, as a debt collection company, add to the burden of debt for the customer, or do we work with solving the difficulties to ensure that they are able to settle their debt as quickly as possible?

In Kredinor we are committed to doing our part of social sustainability and will always put the customer first.

Does this align with you as a client?


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Quickly register your company and your debt collection cases.

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Quickly register your clients and their debt collection cases.


Our services

Our most important task is to follow up on unpaid claims in a good and predictable way until the customer has paid. The earlier, the better.

Through simple solutions and a solid logged-in solution we contribute to making the everyday life easier for those with claims. This contributes to a better payment flow, a predictable cash flow and increased profitability for our clients. Together this fulfills our vision of contributing to a healthy economic society.

Kredinor Insight

*Every quarter we prepare the rapport “Kredinor Innsikt” which combines key numbers from the debt collection industry with relevant macrotrends and issues. With about 30% of all debt collection claims in Norway, Kredinor’s numbers provide valuable insight about payment behaviour.

On this page we publish all recordings of our quarterly webinars. Underneath each recording you will find a link to the complete rapport.

* The rapports are only avilable in Norwegian as of today


Courses and seminars

Kredinor provides additional value to our clients through courses, seminars and professional gatherings. Additionally, we arrange webinars throughout the year.  Our newest offer is an e-learning platform called Kredinor Kompetanseweb.

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Private economy coaching to your employees – Kan

Personlig økonomisk rådgivning til dine ansatte – Kan

Give your employees the tools they need to gain control of their economy – this benefits the employer and employee.

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