New Chairman of the Board in Kredinor AS and decision on ownership distribution

Torbjørn Martinsen has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board in Kredinor, succeeding Sverre Gjessing, who is stepping down from the board.

An ordinary general meeting of Kredinor AS was held today, Thursday, April 25, 2024.

The new Chairman of the Board, elected for one year, is Torbjørn Martinsen. He has a background as Executive Vice President in Sparebank 1 Gruppen from 2003 to 2023 and currently runs his own consultancy firm. From 2019 to 2022, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Modhi, the company that merged with Kredinor in 2022.

The composition of the board is as follows:

Vegard Helland

Geir-Egil Bolstad

Trude Glad

Mona Bay Sørensen

Inga Lise Lien Moldestad

Sverre O. Helsem

Per Aage Pleym Christensen (employee representative)

Linn Hagesæther (employee representative)

Simen Danielsen Torgersrud (employee representative)

Elected deputies are:

Hanne Karoline Kræmer

Sigurd Aune

Bente Foshaug

Rune Strande

Grete Dehli (employee representative)

Jesper Haaland (employee representative)

Vegard Urstad Aakervik (employee representative)


The ordinary general meeting also decided on changes in ownership and conversion of the loan given by Sparebank 1 Gruppen, as notified on April 22, 2024. SpareBank 1 Gruppen is now the majority owner of Kredinor AS with a ownership stake of 68.64%, while Kredinorstiftelsen, which is the other owner of Kredinor AS, as a result, holds an ownership stake of 31.36%. SpareBank 1 Gruppen and Kredinorstiftelsen have until now owned the company in equal parts.