Retail and other service industries

The retail and service sector is all about making life simpler and more enjoyable. Customer requirements must be managed as smoothly as possible. Time is money, and we help our clients reduce the amount of time they spend dealing with late payers.

New integrated solutions create potential

Kredinor provides invoicing and debt collection services to clients in the retail and service sectors throughout the country. We handle everything from credit assessment to invoicing and ledger, through to reminders, debt collection and long-term surveillance, as well as the acquisition of receivables. At the same time, we facilitate solutions that make it easier for debtors to pay.

Kredinor helps clients in the retail and service sectors by reducing the amount of time they spend on late payers - and speeding up the payment process.

Reports from the data warehouse

Our data warehouse compiles detailed reports on everything that happens during the process and what results are achieved. With the largest number of debt collection cases in Norway, we possess a unique body of information that enables us to resolve assignments in the fastest way – and at the lowest possible cost. Our analysis department systematizes the information so that it is easy to make good decisions. In a rather homogenous market, our completely unique database may be our main competitive advantage.

Faster payment through “EU fee”

Through Directive 2011/7 / EU, commercial enterprises are entitled to charge an additional late payment fee from other traders. The late payment fee has been implemented as part of the “fight against late payment”. Some clients use this in selected customer relationships. The effect for those who have many late payers is the earlier release of capital, greater predictability and higher profits.

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