Good customer care

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Good customer care – important in debt collection

When asked about overall satisfaction, 94 percent of our clients say they are satisfied with Kredinor as a debt collection company. 85 percent say they are satisfied with the follow-up and treatment their customers receive. No one reports that they are dissatisfied.

We experience more than ever before that good customer care is important for our clients and their customers.

Good customer care

A customer survey conducted by Aalund shows that 94 percent are satisfied with Kredinor. The market research company interviewed 100 clients who are also customers and members of Kredinor. They send debt collection cases when their customers fail to pay, and Kredinor follows up with simple solutions and customer service until the money is in their account.

High customer satisfaction from good customer care

Kredinor aims to offer the best possible solutions to the end customer. Thurmer believes that the results from the survey are clear proof that Kredinor’s ambition to provide considerate and friendly payment follow-up is also recognized by our clients. “Our basic idea is that all claims are equally important regardless of the amount. Our payment follow-up will ensure that the claim is paid – which is necessary to maintain the trust that is needed to provide credit,” she says. Clients also demonstrate a high degree of loyalty to Kredinor. As many as 91 per cent say they would recommend Kredinor as a debt collection company to a colleague in another firm.

We believe that all claims are equally important, regardless of amount.

Digital and human customer service

Kredinor has always adapted to changing markets. Most recently, it has seen the digital revolution reach the debt collection industry. Kredinor is at the forefront of digitization, robotization and artificial intelligence. Our objective is simplification through the best solutions.


“We optimize the customer experience by combining people and technology in the best possible way. The end customer can find everything about the case on My Page, they can chat and get answers to questions. We offer self-service solutions customers can also use without logging in. They can also call and talk to someone at our customer service centre, both in the evenings and on Saturdays. If they want to close the case, they can use our own payment solution, Pay Now with Vipps or payment card, and get the balance updated in a few seconds. All in all, we have solutions for different customer needs, which has helped Kredinor achieve one of the highest resolution rates in the industry,” concludes Ingjerd Grenne Thurmer.

Gudbrand Gråbak fra Aalund som står bak kundeundersøkelsen i KredinorAalund’s marketing manager, Gudbrand Gråbak, points to the good results Kredinor has achieved in the customer survey. “Kredinor’s customer satisfaction score is high, and higher than the average for customer surveys we have conducted in the financial sector,” says Gråbak.

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