Automated parking charge payment


Automated invoicing

Each vehicle’s registration number is read automatically and the data matched against the motor vehicle register In this way, Kredinor AutoFakt can seamlessly generate an invoice on exit, if none of the other payment methods is used. This provides a good customer experience and satisfied customers.

"This invoicing solution has been developed to make it easier to pay for parking. At the same time, it is less resource-intensive for the parking company to secure payment. Kredinor Autofakt ensures a seamless payment flow between the customer and the parking company," says Audun Rønningen Danielsen, commercial director at Kredinor.

Easier and more customer-friendly parking

“Parking fines will soon be a thing of the past for more and more parking companies. Instead, the customer will pay for the actual time spent parking, instead of prepaying too little and then having to pay a parking fine. The new payment solution provides a good customer experience and reduces the need for on-site inspectors. Automated sign reading at entry and exit eliminates consumer worries about parking fines,” says Audun Rønningen Danielsen.

The customer has the choice

When the registration number is read automatically on the way into and out of the car park, it enables several payment options when parking is completed. The customer can pay in cash or by card at a vending machine, via an app, online or just by driving out of the parking and receiving an invoice.

Parking fines will soon be a thing of the past. The new payment system enables drivers to pay for the actual time spent parking, rather than face a fine for having paid to little in advance.

Payment follow-up and debt collection

If the customer does not pay the invoice, it will be transferred automatically to Kredinor for follow-up. If the customer complains about the invoice, it is paused until we have investigated the case. If the invoice is correct, we follow up with a reminder and a debt collection notice until payment is received and the case closed.

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