Kredinor provides innovative, efficient and fully automated solutions to the parking industry. To meet the specific needs of this sector, we have developed a dedicated case management system, ParkeringService (PS).

Kredinor’s own case management system

Kredinor has developed its own complete solution for the administration and collection of parking charges, and complaints handling. Called ParkingService (PS), the solution results in fewer cases ending up in a forced sale or wage garnishment. It also frees up administrative resources for you as a client. Data that is registered in the system ensures that both you and Kredinor always have full access to current information for the further processing of parking charges.

Kredinor AutoFakt, seamless transition from parking to payment

We now offer the service Kredinor AutoFakt, a solution that makes parking and payment easier for car owners – and for the parking company. With Kredinor AutoFakt, the vehicle’s registration number is automatically read on the way into and out of the car park, and invoices are sent by mail to those who do not wish to pay in cash, by card or via an app.


The customer is in charge

When the registration number is read automatically on the way into and out of the car park, the customer is offered several payment options. The customer can pay in cash or by card at a vending machine, via an app or just by driving out of the car park and receiving an invoice afterwards. If the customer chooses to receive an invoice, the data is linked to the vehicle register, and Kredinor AutoFakt ensures a seamless process from the time the claim has arisen until the invoice has been paid.

Payment follow-up and debt collection

If the invoice remains unpaid, the process is transferred to Kredinor. We may then issue a reminder or debt collection notice, or implement further debt collection measures. If the customer files a complaint about the invoice, the process is stopped until we have investigated the case. Kredinor follows up closely until the case is closed. Kredinor can, in addition to pure receivables administration and debt collection, also assist with customer service on your behalf.

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