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Demand for our debt collection services from the banking and finance sector is growing steadily. We provide solutions relating to mortgages, car loans, credit cards and other consumer financing. The key elements to our success in this industry are a healthy dialogue with debtors and robust self-service solutions.

Treating all debtors with respect

In the banking and finance sector, we optimize the debt collection process to ensure that cases are resolved successfully. With good customer care, we increase the probability that debtors will pay what they owe. This maximizes our clients’ return. Both existing and new clients are entrusting us with a growing share of their debt collection portfolios, bringing us ever closer to our ambition of being “best for banking”.

Because Kredinor delivers the best results, we are being entrusted with a growing share of our clients' debt collection portfolios.

Specialists provide added value

Kredinor has several specialist teams that work proactively with various clients and customers within vehicle financing, leasing, consumer financing and secured loans. We also have a team specializing in fraud cases, and advisers whose task is often to persuade those who cannot pay to return high-value assets. They work closely with our experienced lawyers, who may pursue cases through the court system. From our point of view, the road to success starts with treating all those involved with kindness and respect.

Continuously facing new demands

We are seeing rapid developments in the banking and finance world. This includes the birth of the payment solution Vipps, which several Norwegian banks have now agreed to jointly continue developing. Furthermore, the revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 (Payment Service Directive), as well as the emergence of digital currencies and blockchain technology, are just some of the issues that banks must focus on.

An increasing number of technology companies want to take a larger part of the value chain, and the banking world is predicted to look quite different in a few years. We work closely with the industry as a whole and individual clients, to ensure we can meet the needs that will arise in the years to come.

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