Integration solutions

Integration is the key to collaboration between Kredinor and its clients. Kredinor has a large selection of solutions, ranging from simple integrations for small and medium-sized enterprises to advanced system integrations with large business groups and public sector entities.

Integration solutions provide a complete overview and increased efficiency.

Through our integration solutions, we can link the client’s financial systems to the debt collection system. The benefits of an integrated solution for the client are numerous. Most importantly, it ensures continuous access to information even when Kredinor has taken over a task. The integration solution also makes many time-consuming manual tasks unnecessary. Details of transactions, payment status and communication flow seamlessly between the client and Kredinor, providing a full overview and increased efficiency in invoicing, reminders, payment follow-up and debt collection.

We offer integrations for most companies. In this way, the debt collection system is linked to the financial system and provides access to updated information about the payment process during debt collection.

Automation eliminates manual processes

Our integrated solutions reduce time-consuming manual work by using new solutions with automated information and communication flow – and reporting. Kredinor takes over payment follow-up when and if the client wishes. This can be in connection with invoicing, sending a reminder or when claims are not paid and the case is transferred to debt collection.

Work directly from your own core system

A clear advantage of the integration solution is that our clients work with us from their own core system. This means that they have direct access to the latest status when changes are submitted by Kredinor. The client therefore gets a faster response, access to continuously updated status and a better overview of the debtors. This provides, among other things, a more predictable cash flow, better liquidity and increased profitability. For those clients who currently utilize Kredinor Online, an integration solution will mean that they do not have to log in every time to perform tasks and receive information.

Always using the latest intergration solutions

Kredinor has built its own API, and has already developed solutions with the largest ERP and financial systems. We are constantly developing new solutions, and here are some of them:
EnoroCX, fra Hansen Technologies
CGI IS Suite
Basset Utility Account
24Seven Office
Unit 4
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Visma Business
Visma Global
Visma Enterprise
Visma Mamut One
Infor M3

Deltek Maconomy
Uni Micro
Cowi Parka
ON Property

Why choose an integration solution?

  • Easy and time-saving through automated routines
  • Resource-saving through the elimination of manual processes
  • Cost-saving because it is not restricted to normal working hours
  • Cost-effective because maintenance costs are low
  • Reduced outstanding amounts because everything happens automatically according to a predefined setup
  • Reduced financial loss because rapid follow-up and handling increases the level of resolution
  • No vulnerability in relation to illness, holiday cancellation – Kredinor receives the cases automatically

The solutions are used in these areas.

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