Surveillance of long-term claims

If a debt has still not been paid at the end of the entire debt collection process, the case is passed to our long-term claims surveillance department. In recent years, Kredinor’s handling of long-term cases has become a major part of our service offering. Our team successfully resolves a great many old cases, thereby providing considerable added value for our clients.

Avdeling overvåk følger opp langtidssaker

Turns losses into gains

Most cases that are passed on for long-term surveillance are resolved within one to three years. Some claims may remain unresolved for quite a bit longer before a solution emerges and payment is finally received. These payments have a high value, because they go directly to the bottom line. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, public health restrictions and government lockdowns have reduced consumer spending. As a result, a great many people have been able to pay off debts they may have had for a long time. This means that our long-term surveillance department has been busier than ever before.

During the coronavirus pandemic, reduced consumer spending due to lockdowns and other public health restrictions has enabled many people to pay off their long-term debts.

Most people want to pay their debts

It is important that we know our clients well. We also need to know their customers well in order to predict their ability to pay. We have Norway’s largest customer database, which provides solid customer insights. We always try to facilitate a flexible payment method. Our goal is for both the client and the end customer to be satisfied with the chosen solution.

Much of what we do is a long-term investment. We have seen cases that have been on our books for 10 or even 15 years before a change in the end customer's financial situation enables them to be finally resolved.

Regular follow-up

As soon as we find a basis for following up the customer’s payment status, we will contact you. All cases are followed up regularly. Both automatically in our databases and by our solution-oriented case officers. All have long and broad experience in various aspects of payment follow-up, debt collection and personal finance.

We have faith in the end customer's underlying desire to pay what they owe, and follow them up until they are in a position to do so. This makes Kredinor one of the most important contributors to long-term added value in the customer relationship.

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