Public Sector

Kredinor is highly experienced with regard to debt collection on behalf of the public sector. For example, we help local councils recover secured and unsecured claims. We help county councils obtain payment of dental charges, library fines and claims relating to upper secondary education. At the state level, we help government bodies, waste collection companies, universities and colleges collect what they are owed.

Adapting and saving time with integrated solutions

The public sector faces major challenges in the coming years in terms of streamlining, accessibility and digitization. We already have solutions that meet many of these challenges. Our integrated solutions strengthen our position vis-à-vis public sector clients who demand simpler and seamless solutions for their financial systems. We have implemented Visma Enterprise and Visma Business. In addition, we work with the solution Visma Global. In our customized Kredinor Online, the client can upload cases, follow the procedure, communicate with us by email and generate reports.


Our ready-made integrations are easy to set up and result in less manual work and fewer errors. In addition, they save time day to day thanks to automatic file sharing.

Extensive experience in meeting public sector requirements

One of our main focus areas is delivering future-oriented products, services and solutions that meet customer needs. We are a leader in developing integrated solutions that streamline our clients’ working day. At the same time, we enable the client’s financial system to receive continuous updates on changes in the debt collection portfolio. Because many of those who owe money to public sector bodies are particularly vulnerable, we attach considerable importance to thorough and accurate follow-up. Our department in Kristiansund has extensive experience of resolving cases relating to the public sector – for the benefit of the client and the end customer.

Our skilled colleagues in Kristiansund handle contact with public sector clients and their customers.

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