Internal competence development

Sustainability and inclusion: A diverse workforce

In March 2023, Kredinor Competence launched a new learning platform in collaboration with Attensi, by using their product, Attensi SKILLS. 

The purpose behind this initiative was to make e-learning and digital training engaging and enjoyable through gamification and realistic simulations. The trainings also incorporate a competitive element with a highscore system and a leaderboard with prizes to the best team and colleague/player during the mandatory training periods. Many employees are eager to participate and repeat the training to get more points and achieve a better high score. It’s important to mention that the trainings are designed to make the employee conduct active problem solving as an effective way to retain new information and knowledge. Repetition also makes the new information more memorable. 

The first training in the app was The Kredinor Game, focusing on active learning about our vision, strategy, values, and Kredinor’s new identity following the merger of two major companies. Furthermore, the platform has been developed with two new trainings/games on AML & AML Check and IT-Security.

Kredinor Competence started 2024 by launching The Invoice Game as a mandatory training for every employee in Operations, currently achieving an 83% completion rate. New trainings are developed and designed by Competence in the People department in collaboration with subject matter experts from various departments and teams. As a result, the trainings can be tailored and customised to meet our specific needs and learning objectives.

Navn from Kredinor’s Competence in the People ­department has developed a successful ­training module for Kredinor staff based on gaming ­principles.