Sustainability and our social commitment: Financial literacy

Smartbetaler is an initiative by Kredinor to promote better insights in personal finances among young adults.

We have for many years taught young people in upper secondary school and other groups of young basic economy. During a two hour session we go through income, budget, credit, interest and consequences of late and non-payment.

Our experience is that the young people we meet get several a-ha moments around personal finances and increase their knowledge -signifi-cantly. By following the timeline of important events in a young economy, it becomes easier to learn. Examples of events are, moving away from home, rent an apartment, get an extra job, start studies and move into their first job. We give concrete advice and tips and come up with some food for taught about unsustainable consumption and bad payment habits – and stories they may not forget so easily.

In 2023, we gave Smartbetaler a boost by renewing the learning material and dedicating two young advisers to the task. The ambition is to offer the teaching to more people. In February 2024, we have produced the first lecture to other parts of the country, from our new multi-camera studio, via Teams. This enables us to scale the program and offer it to more groups and removes travel costs and emissions. Different kinds of groups have asked to have access to “Smartbetaler” and we consider adapting the content to different target groups including more vulnerable groups with special needs.

Navn and navn have met many young people on behalf of Kredinor and taught them how to take control of the personal finances, and be “smart payers”.